Small Power Re best lay Hf161f Relay B Cost oard

Product Description

Type HF161F
Coil voltage form DC
Coil voltage 5, 12, 24, 48
Contact arrangement H
Contact version Single contact
Terminal type PCB
Construction Flux proofed
Terminals PCB
Coil CZPT Standard
Sort Single side stable
Contact capacity AgCdO, AgSnO2
Insulation standard Class F
Packing method plastics packing
Rated voltage(V) 250VAC
Coil angel form PCB
Coil CZPT Approx. 0.9
Dielectric strength (between coil & contacts) (VAC 1min) 4500
Operate time(ms) ≤20
Release time(ms) ≤10
Coil resistance(Ω) 5:27.8;12:160;24:640;48:2560
Creepage Distance(mm) 8.0
Electrical Distance(mm) 6.4
Insulation resistance(MΩ) 1000
Max. switching Current(AC) 25
Max. switching voltage(VAC) 277
Ambient temperature (max)(ºC) -40
Ambient temperature (min)(ºC) +85
Mechanical endurance min 2000000
Electrial eddurance min 100000
IEC6571-1 YES
Explosion-proof certification TUV,UL,CNEX
Product Description Miniature CZPT CZPT Relay
Application appliances,etc
Weight(g) Aporox. 21
Volume(mm³) 30.4×15.9×23.3
Product approval UL,VDE,CQC
File No. UL:E134517,VDE:457110,CQC:CQC15715 0571


4.5kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts)

Heavy load up to 6250VA 

Ideal for motor switching

PCB layouts CZPT  

UL insulation system: Class F


Coil voltage form:DC

Coil voltage:5, 12, 24, 48

Contact arrangement:H

Contact version:Single contact

Terminal type:PCB

Construction:Flux proofed


Coil CZPT :Standard

Sort:Single side stable

Dielectric strength (between coil & contacts) (VAC 1min):4500

Coil resistance(Ω):5:27.8;12:160;24:640;48:2560

Product Description:Miniature CZPT CZPT Relay

File No.UL:E134517,VDE:457110,CQC:CQC15715 0571