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Product Description

Portable Mine Drill Rig for Drilling CZPT ry with Drilling Equipments

I. CZPT nical Specification

Model No. WD50 WD50M (With Drill Mast)
Drill Pipe Diameter 42mm  
Drilling Hole Diameter 75mm  
Drilling Depth 50 m  
Kelly Bar Dia.=50mm / L=1m  
Recommend Drill Pipe Length  0.75m   2m
Drilling CZPT le 90°  
Diesel Engine CZPT 5.7kW/2200rpm  
Dimensions of Main CZPT   (L x W x H) 1400x600x1600mm   1400x600x1200mm
Total CZPT ght of Main CZPT 300KG  
The Heaviest Part of CZPT 70KG  
Spindle Rotary CZPT 285, 570r/min  
Spindle Stroke 1m  
Lifting Force 300KG  
Feeding Force 200KG  

II. Photos