Intelligent near me Crane Safety Monitoring Systems for Control and Protection w supplier ith Iot Solutions

Product Description

Intelligent CZPT safety monitoring systems for control and protection with IOT solutions

Product Description

The BCQ-S CZPT pean design intelligent CZPT CZPT safety monitoring systems is developed for the safety protection, information collection and fault diagnosis of CZPT pean designe cranes. It can be an intelligent control and protection device that uses the related technologies of the Internet of Things to perform data analysis on CZPT pean cranes. The controller integrates overload protection, lifting control, height limit acquisition and protection, motor protection, life management, and intelligent IOT as a whole, with a compact body design and modular configuration, providing users with a highly integrated complete solution.

Crane monitoring systems, originally des-igned to measure static loads on fixed platforms for weight control purposes, have evolved into enhanced systems that measure and record a range of data that can guide the use, maintenance, and safety of crane operations. 

1.Weight sensor
2.Overload limiter (integrated)
3.Delay relay (integrated)
4.Rotating switch (need to be CZPT ized)
5. Phase sequence protector (currently not CZPT )

1.Can read the information of the thermal switch, remind and protect overheating
2. At present, some functions such as the number of lifts and the cumulative use time can be counted

Product Parameters

BCQ Series European Design Intelligent Monitoring System For Overhead CZPT
No. Function  Description Note
1 Overload protection Protect the crane from overload operation Standard
2 Two – machine cooperative Two – machine cooperative communication and overload protection Standard
3 Height limit data acquisition Real-time display the height of hook Optional
4 Overheat protection data acquisition Motor thermal protection acquisition (switch volume reservation) Optional
5 Motor start test Current detection (with current transformer, independent interface) Optional
6 Data record  Real-time recording of crane operation data Standard
7 Fault record View and record failure information Standard
8 Data export Export run data, failure events Standard
9 Parameter calibration, setting and clearing Weighing, height calibration, alarm parameter setting, factory value recovery, communication parameter setting, etc Standard
10 Password protection Three levels of password protection (operators and CZPT manufacturers) Standard
11 Calendar  Time record Standard
12 Large Screen Display External large screen display function Optional
13 4G telecommunication Cloud platform communication Optional


No. Item Technical Data
1 Rated Voltage Range 30-50V/AC
2 Frequency 50/60Hz
3 Command Relay Output AC230V 10A (normally open relay contact)
4 Programmable Relay Output AC230V 10A (normally closed relay contact)
5 Command Input AC36/48V-L
6 Programmed Input AC36/48V-L
7 Power Output 12V/100MA
8 Power Consumption <1VA
9 Working Temperature -20ºC-60ºC
10 Working Humidity 0-100%RH
11 Overall Dimension ( L×W×H ) 115mm*90mm*72mm

Company Profile


Q1: Are you CZPT r or CZPT Company,
A1:We are an integrated industrial and trade enterprises. We have CZPT own R&D team, factory and marketing department,

Q2: Which standard of your crane and crane components apply to?
A2: Our CZPT can design and manufacture base on FEM, CMAA, ISO EN, GB standard.

Q3: How do you ensure your product quality?
A3: All CZPT processes strictly adhere to ISO-9001 procedures, which include Material Traceability, ISO WPQR and welder certificate, Measuring Device Calibration, NDT for the welding, and full assembling and load testing before delivery.

Q4: How can I make payment?
A: We accept T/T bank transfer, L/C, Paypal.

Q5: How can I assembly the cranes in my factory?
A: We suggest you to recruit a crane service team in local to install the crane base on CZPT Installation Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.line and User manual. If cannot, we can send engineer to your factory to guide you do the installation with extra charge, and the transportation, accommodation, translator shall be covered by your side also.

Q6: What is the warranty period, and how can I claim warranty If my crane have any issue?
A: Our warranty period is 12 months after cargo leave CZPT port. If the crane have any issue, CZPT after-sales team and engineer will help you solve the issue by email or Video conference. If the defect is caused by quality issue, we will ship the spare parts to you by air to help you fixed it as soon as possible.

Q7: Do you accept CZPT business:
A: Sure, we do many CZPT productions for some CZPT crane brand and CZPT ers around the world.

Q8: What about shipping:
A: We recommend small batch by the way of air or LCL, but large delivery by the way of container or bulk vessel.

Q9: what about delivery time?
A: different capacity crane and components have different estimated delivery time, generally speaking, around 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

Q10: What is your company policy if we want to distribute CZPT product in CZPT market?
A: CZPT ly, thank you for your interest to promote CZPT brand, we have distributors in 50+ countries, pleaes no hesitate to contact us for the detail discussions, as we have different policies for the different target markets. Surely, you are welcomed to visit CZPT factory and let’s talk face to face.