High Quality Floater Base Plastic Blow Molding Machine

High Quality Floater Base Plastic Blow Molding Machine

***EXTRUSION BLOW MOLDING Equipment Professional***

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Accumulation sort blow molding equipment ABLD100


Ideal for creating a hundred-250L HDPE Daily life buoy, floater…

Equiped with MOOG parison controller

 with SERVO Motor


Extrusion blow molding equipment ABLD100 

one Screw diameter 100mm
two L/D ratio 24:1
three Screw velocity fifteen~50r.p.m.
four Drive motor 45Kw
five Heating zone with cooling fan six zone
six Output/Capability 170 Kg/hr(HDPE  particle)
eight Heating capacity 25.one kw
nine Vertical adjustment of head 500mm
10 Forward/Backward adjustment of  head 500mm
11 Groove feed barrel cylinder Have IKV
twelve Gear box Tough gear decelerator
thirteen Ladder and security rails Have
Accumulator  CZPT
1 Accumulator capacity 20L(15kgHDPE)
two Design and style First in and 1st out
3 Heating zone six zone
four Heating potential 25.1kw
five Max die&pin diameter 450mm
six Die head axis with pre-blow Ø120mm
seven Accumulator drive-out stroke measurement Transducer  Italy Gefran
eight Injection stress 12 Mpa
nine Extruder quit Have
one Tie bar Two tie bar
2 Platen size 900(W)X1400(H)
three Duration of mould 900-960mm
4 Clamping force 780KN
five Shut/Open stroke 880-1700mm
six Mould weight Max.  5000 kg
7 Clamping stroke measurement Transducer  Italy Gefran
8 CZPT valve ZheJiang Hitech
nine Amount of hydraulic cylinder one
10 Higher pressure 14 Mpa
eleven Support elements for platen movement Liner Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
one Main motor/vice motor AC15Kw/15Kw
2 CZPT  valve ZheJiang Hitech
3 CZPT pump ZheJiang Hitech
four Oil tank capacity 850L
5 Functioning stress 12 Mpa
six Cooling water for oil set
7 Manage of oil level be noticed dipstick
one Functioning force .eight Mpa
2 Blow pressure .8 Mpa
three Needle blow circuit Large & minimal force
four Intermittent blow Have
5 Managed support air for parison Have
6 Air Valves AIRTAC
7 Swift exhaust for support air Have
PARISON Management
one Programmer JAPAN MOOG
two Servo valve  
three Servo cylinder Intergret of die head
4 CZPT pack
ZheJiang YOSHE Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
one Contactor
2 Overall connected load (approx.)
3 Typical strength consumption (approx.)
forty two kw/h
Device drinking water intake
Mold water use
AIR Usage
1 Compressed air intake 1.2 kgf/cm2, 3000 L/min
OTHER Characteristics
two Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n device interface Hitech
3 Recipe storage in difficult disk Offered
1 Electricity provide to heating factor Relay + Contactor Japan Omron+Korea LG
2 Control PLC controle
3 Sort of thermocouple K Kind
4 Adjustable reduce and upper restrict alarm Have
five Cold begin avoidance for screw Have
6 Alarm for thermocouple and heating factor breakage Have, heating component breakage by anperemeter
7 Pre-heating function Have
Die-ring AND Die-pin
one one particular sets of die & pin A single established in accordance to buyer
2 Test content Buyer source 300kg materials to vendor for equipment testing
one Base blow (hydraulic) and sealing unit (pneumatic) CZPT blow pin (which includes broaden & up-down & parison seal)
two Robot Have
3 Equipment Dimension 6.8×3.3×5
four Whole fat twenty


High Quality Floater Base Plastic Blow Molding Machine