High-Gradient Industries Electromagnetic Heavy Duty Ferrous Metals Scraps Recovery Separation Sortors

High-Gradient Industries Electromagnetic Heavy Duty Ferrous Metals Scraps Recovery Separation Sortors

High-gradient electromagnetic sorters for heavy duty ferrrous scraps metals recovery

Product Description

Substantial functionality overhead electro magnetic separators suspended earlier mentioned belt,vibratory conveyors or gravity chute magnetically lifting ferrous metals out of bulk content. They are used for metal restoration or undesired iron components (iron air pollution) separation to protecte the processing gear(such as crushers at quarries, cement plants, and mines)getting rid of harming tramp steel that can lead to pricey repairs and downtime.

Our magnets also locate their programs in industries like glass, plastic, foundries, iron and metal and so on. appropriate for the steady removal of ferromagnetic (Fe) particles – such as iron or steel – from materials streams made up of a relatively massive quantity of Fe. 

Mostly usage industries for electromagnetic metal separation sorters:

1.For further safety from tramp iron

two.For elevated merchandise cleansing,extracting and remeving magnetic iron from inert components such as

foodstuff,plastic,wood glass and ceramics ect,or installed soon after shredder or crushing equipment,escape the

damaged blade entry.

three.For large obligation separation programs:recoverying ferrous(FE) metal from the shredded domastic

appliances, conclude of existence automobiles ect

4.Mineral crushing amenities:recoverying or eliminating Ferromagnetic ore

CZPT Characteristics and Advantages for higher functionality large responsibility industrial metal scrap restoration sorters:

  • With the pc-simulating design and style of magnetic circuits, it has large magnetic force energy, massive gradient and suction.Substantial-overall performance resources,Secure magnetic high quality and simplicity of use
  •  With specific style of interesting coils, it has longitudinal and latitude cooling oil paths. The heat can be easily transformed to the cooling oil to reduced the coil temperature.
  •  The special designed wholly sealed coils are humidity-proof, dustproof and  corrosion avoidance.
  • The corrugated warmth-releasing wings enlarge the cooling area and efficiently control the temperature increase.
  •  Easy routine maintenance, self thoroughly clean iron wastes, sturdy efficiency.
  • The waistline-drum form roller can rectify the belt routinely. With the wholly sealed bearing blocks, it can achive problems-free of charge operation for a very prolonged time.
  •  With near and remote control technique, it has a wide application. Mounted above the conveyor belt at a distance of a hundred-350 mm, depending on the top of the layer of substance to be processed

 Specification for oil cooled type electromagnet separator:


Appropriate for

Belt Width





Motor Electrical power Fascinating Power



mm mm Gs  kw kw  L  W  H  kg



         200          700  ≤5  1.five  2250  1050  905  1390
 RCDF-8         800          250          700   ≤6  2.2  2395  1240  950  1850
 RCDF-ten        1000          300          700   ≤9  3.  2750  1520  1005  2710
 RCDF-twelve        1200          350          700   ≤10  4.  3210  1715  1100  3550
 RCDF-fourteen        1400          400          700   ≤11  4.  3610  1820  1250  4450
 RCDF-16        1600          450          700   ≤12  5.5  4571  2040  1410  6550


HangCZPT Ejet offers a range of tramp iron magnets for conveyors to go well with all belt widths and sorts of burdens. The range extends from oil-cooled, air-cooled and enthusiast-cooled electromagnets in possibly guide or self-cleansing variations, to strong unusual earth long term magnets and contains a specialised electro with the capability of extracting tramp iron from magnetic iron ores.


air-cooled kind electromagnet separators: 

oil-cooled kind electromagnet separators:

supporter-cooled variety electromagnet separators:

Operating theory

The overhead magnetic sorting separators removes tramp steel that signifies a potential hazard to downstream crusher,mills, pulverisers and grinders,the magnet can also be mounted above feeder or chutes  

 we can design and style and manufacture full eddy current conveyor systems or simply furnish eddy current drums or any other piece of magnetic separation gear to satisfy your requirementssuch as:

  • Suspended over-belt electromagnetic separator
  • More than-belt suspending magnetic separator
  • Magnetic block
  • Eddy recent nonferrous AL/CU separator
  • Magnetic drive head pulley
  • Magnetic drum separator
  • Magnetic plate
  • Magnetic cone separator
  • Grate magnetic separator 
  • Magnetic filter chute 
  • transport and managing program this sort of as belt conveyor/trommel drum screen/vibrator feeders 
  • other sorting sort equipment:such as zigzag air classifier

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High-Gradient Industries Electromagnetic Heavy Duty Ferrous Metals Scraps Recovery Separation Sortors