D22 Neodymiu near me m Mounting Magnets with Rubber Coat Custom ing Pot Magnet

Product Description

D22 Neodymium mounting magnets with rubber coating pot magnet

Rubber coated magnet pots are made up of a super strong neodymium magnets and a backed steel plate which is encapsulated by a rubber, it has a special magnetic construction and the adhesive force of these neodymium magnets have been amplified a lot. Its rubber coating can protect the CZPT tive ferrous surface from scratch like painting ,polished or other CZPT tive surface. Attached to ferrous surface of vehicle, metal shelf and kinds of machines, the magnet pot can create a permanent or temporary fixing point avoiding fixing into.

Product name:Rubber Coated CZPT
Product materials:NdFeB+A3 Irons + TPE CZPT s
Grade of CZPT s:N35/N42/N52 and CZPT s
Shape selection:Round, square Size selection:Φ22mm, Φ43mm,Φ66mm,Φ88mm,(other sizes can be CZPT ized)
Style selection:countersunk hole, through hole, flat screw hole, screwed bush, external stud
Color selection:Red, orange, yellow, blue, CZPT , purple, black, white (other colors can be CZPT ized)
Logo CZPT ization:Protruding logo, gravure logo, silk screen logo

 Application : Rubber-coated magnet suction cups are mainly used in all kinds of film positioning, car roof lamp billboard fixation, wedding car flower plate, camera fixation, advertising light box, broadcasting, speakers, CZPT industrial tooling, factory equipment installation and fixing…
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