D16m near me m Neodymium Threaded Pot Magnet N35 Neodymium manufacturer Cup Shape Magnet

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D16mm Neodymium threaded pot magnet N35 Neodymium cup shape magnet


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Product name: D16mm Neodymium threaded pot magnet N35 Neodymium cup shape magnet
Material: Metal and neodymium magnet
Size: D6-D80mm
Coating: Ni,Zn,Cr,Rubber
Pull force: 0.5-200Kg
Screw thread: M3-M10
Applications: Booth construction, store construction, interior work
Bath and kitchen design
Cabinetry, furniture construction
Metal construction
Machine and plant construction
Lighting industry


1. Pot magnets, also called Cup CZPT s, CZPT ic Holders or CZPT Hooks, are made of permanent magnet encased in a metal pot, and feature a hole, thread, boss or removable hook in centre of the magnets. The pot is an essential part of the magnetic circuit. the active magnet face is not enclosed. When Pot magnets hold any metal parts, the magnetic force in this circuit is stronger than that of alone magnet. It is the most efficient design for gripping, also provide an easy, CZPT -destructive way to suspend objects or attach them to metal. 

2. Material: Outside is Fe, inside is magnet.

Magnet can be: NdFeB, Alnico, SmCo, Ferrite.

Surface can be Zn, Ni, Cr, Epoxy, painting, CZPT cover etc.

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Other types:


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Hanging signs and lights
Fastening antennas
Holding tarps
Making retrieval tools
Holding through CZPT -ferrous materials
Use for CZPT ening or holding steel doors
Insertion into molds
Insertion into fixtures
For car roof signs


+By Air: If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use Iron sheet to shield.
+By Sea: If the goods are will be shipped by sea, we will place a pallet on the bottom of cartons.


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1:How CZPT will you give me the reply?
we will reply you in 24 hours.

 2:How about the quality of the magnets?
We have the certification of ISO, SGS, ROHS.

3:How is the price?
As we believe the quality is the most important, we will provide the high quality magnet with reasonable price.

4:Could I get samples?
Yes, we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

 5:How CZPT will you deliver sample and bulk order?
If we have materials in CZPT stock, we can send them within 3 days. If we don’t have material in stock, production time for sample is 5-10 days, 15-25 days for bulk order.

6. How to pay you?
T/T, CZPT ern CZPT , L/C, Paypal.

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