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Product Description

Description of CZPT Coated CZPT ic Cable Mounting:

Rubber coated pot magnet is consisted of Neodymium CZPT , Steel Plate and CZPT Coating. Neodymium magnets ( NdFeB) inside for maximum holding forces, and the soft coating will protect the surface from scratching. Our coating rubber is TPR, which is an environmental protection material.

The rubber coated neodymium magnet cable mounts are designed to allow for cables, hoses or pipes in CZPT diameters to be attached directly or through cable tie, string or yarn. The rubber coating increases the weight carrying capacity in shear direction and also protects fragile surfaces from scratches.

1. Grade of Neodymium CZPT : N35-N54, N35M-N52M, N33H-N50H, N30SH-N50SH, N30UH-N50UH, N30EH-N42EH, N28TH-N38TH
2. Shape and Size: Round, Rectangle, Special Shapes etc, all sizes or shapes can be CZPT ized.
3. Coating: CZPT , ABS, Color Painting etc.
4. Direction of CZPT isation: Axially, Radially, Thickness etc.
5. Application: Widely used in vehicle roof signs, led lightings, office, exhibition, cabinet etc.

Production Time of Rubber Coated CZPT ic Cable Mounting:
Samples are CZPT , and lead time is 3-15 days, based on material and dimensions. Free samples are also ok if we have samples of rubber coated magnetic cable mounting in CZPT stock. Production time of batch order is 15-30 days except large quantity.

Details About Rubber Coated CZPT ic Cable Mountings:

Below are CZPT standard sizes of Rubber Coated CZPT ic Cable Mounting you can shoose the one you prefer. If you have specific requirements about dimensions or pull force, please contact us directly, and CZPT engineers will design it for you:

Inspection of Rubber Coated CZPT ic Cable Mounting:

Normally rubber coated neodymium magnet cable mountings will be sampling inspected when they are finished.
If you have requirements about inspection, like full inspection, we will also do it for you.
Pictures of finished magnets, package, demagnetizing curves, inspection report will be provided when goods are ready.

Package and CZPT Methods:
Standard Export Package, such as shielding carton, wooden case, pallet etc.
Goods will be sent out by Express ( UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT ), By Air, By Sea etc.


Enquiry About Rubber Coated CZPT ic Cable Mounting:
In order to get a suitable quote quickly from us, please provide us:
1. Dimensions of rubber coated neodymium cable magnet mount you need, drawing will be perfect.
2. Requirements about pull force or your application.
3. Thread Type: M4, M5, M6 etc.
4. Material of Thread: Steel Coated Zinc or Nickel, or CZPT Steel etc.
5. Quantity
6. Shipping Method, By Express, By Air or By Sea.
7. Other requirements (Package, Inspection etc)