C sales ustom Built Generator and Compressor Motor Base  Frames and Heavy D Cheap uty Skids for OEM Customers

Product Description

Custom built generator and compressor motor base frames and heavy duty skids for CZPT CZPT ers

Steel frames and skids are low cost, reliable and safe solutions for placing or moving primary CZPT sources, control centers, switch gears, generators, pumps and compressors. CZPT Duty (HD) as well as CZPT Duty (LD) frames are manufactured to the tightest of tolerances to ensure proper mounting of engine, alternator, generator, radiator and enclosure components.

Steel skids provide a low-cost option when you’re placing equipment like generators, pumps and compressors outdoors. They’re also a convenient solution when retrofitting existing buildings or facilities with new electrical control and CZPT equipment. These can be designed as pure mounting components or incorporate platforms and walkways for a complete turn-key solution.

Custom Work and Certifications

We are committed to providing quality precision metal fabrication and manufactured parts that strictly conform to your design requirements and specifications.

  • We handle a variety of materials, including cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more
  • Our CZPT parts are manufactured to very tight tolerances
  • As a full service manufacturer, we can handle a wide array of metal fabrication projects from start to finish
  • We have the unique ability to provide in-house finishing services for a wide array of painting processes, including powder coat, CARC, and silk screening
  • Our facilities are equipped with CZPT d equipment, computer shop floor systems, and CZPT systems, with capabilities for handling both small and large production runs
  • QDTHYH offers top welding services, with multiple Certified Welders and an automated welding robot to consistently and rapidly produce perfect welds
General Capabilities: Heavy Components,Large Components,Small Components
Fabrication Method: Bending,CNC Machining,Cutting,Forming,Machining,Punching,Rolling
production Process Laser cutting,Punching,Deburring,Bending,Pressing,Welding,Riveting,Grinding
  Surface treatment,Assembly
Materials: Aluminum,Brass,Carbon Steel,Copper,Stainless Steel
Surface treatment Powder Coating,Painting,Galvanizing,Electroplating,Anodising,Chromeplating
Raw Material Forms: Bar Stock,Coil,Plate,Sheet,Tubing
Additional Services: Assembly,Design,Electroplating,Etching
  Fabrication Alternatives,Finishing,Painting,Structural Steel Erection
Production Volume: High Volume,Large Scale Production Volume Run,Low Volume,Prototype
Industry CZPT : Agricultural,Automotive,Commercial CZPT ,Marine,Medical,Petrochemical,
  Machinery,Other CZPT Parts
Service Type OEM/ODM
Certificate ISO9001/2015