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Product Description

Insert bearing SER SA SB, Please contact for details. 

Dimension tolerance: GB/T 3882-1995 /JIS B1558 /ISO 9628-1992. 
Structure: Insert bearing with setscrew, eccentrical collar, adapte sleeve, pillow block, flange housing, pressed steel housing 
Ball CZPT s Inserts: GCr15 steel (JIS G4805, 100Cr6) CZPT carbon chromium bearing steel. 
Cage and the Rivet: JIS G3141 Cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, The material of the rivet is JIS G3507 Low carbon steel wire rods. 
Housings: HT200 (JIS G5501)Gray iron casting. 

Product: Insert bearings, pillow block, flange unit, housing, bearings. 

Bearing No. Ref. 
SER201, SER202, SER203, SER204, SER205, SER206, SER207, SER208, SER209, SER210, SER211, SER212 

SA201 SA201-8 SA202 SA202-10 SA203 SA203-11 SA204-12 SA204 SA205-14 SA205-15 SA205 SA205-16 SA206-18 SA206 206-19 CZPT No. Spherical SA206-20 SA207-20 SA207-21 SA207-22 SA207 SA207-23 SA208-24 SA208-25 SA208 SA209-26 SA209-27 SA209-28 SA209 SA210-30 SA210-31 SA210 SA211-32 SA211-34 SA211 SA211-35 SA212-36 SA212 SA212-38 SA212-39 

Spherical SB201 SB201-8 SB202 SB202-10 SB203 SB203-11 SB204-12 SB204 SB205-14 SB205-15 SB205 SB205-16 SB206-18 SB206 SB206-19 SB206-20 SB207-20 SB207-21 SB207-22 SB207 SB207-23 SB208-24 SB208-25 SB208 SB209-26 SB209-27 SB209-28 SB209 SB210-30 SB210-31 SB210 SB211-32 SB211-34 SB211 SB211-35 SB212-36 SB212 SB212-39

Model Pillow block bearing
Seals Type Black seal with star or without
Material Chrome steel, carbon steel,Gcr15, mixed
Cage material Steel 
House weight As you requirement
Greese As you requirement
Guarantee One year.
Application Automotive components, pumps, machinery.
Certifications ISO 9001:2008
Package Single box  or as required.
Service OEM service and customized service
Payment Term T/T or L/C or Western Union 
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