3000X1500X300m price m T-slotting floor pla near me tes

Product Description

1. 3000x1500x300mm T-slotted cast iron floor plate, used as pumps and compressors test base. These T-slotted plates are made of HT-250 grey cast iron, annealed to reduce its internal stress to minimum to ensure it to be free from distortion;

2. These T-slotted floor plates are applied widely in CZPT industries like metalworking, equipment tests, machinery assembly, vehicle measuring and tests, motor / pump / compressor assembly etc.. They can not only be used as machine test base plates, but also can be used as machine tools’ bed plates for boring milling, gantry milling machines, etc.

3. The sizes and shapes of these T-slotted floor plates can entirely be CZPT ized. You can define their sizes freely but these T-slotted floor plates should not exceed the internal sizes of the containers in order the shipment cost can be saved up;

4. On requests, T-slotted angle plates, T-slotted cubes can also be offered. Or steel can be adopted to make these T-slotted floor plates.