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China Good quality Latest Technology Waste Car Motor Oil Refinery Machine Get Base Oil Distillation vacuum pump engine

Product Description

Product Description

JZC waste oil distillation machine heat the waste oil to (from 110ºC to 350ºC) different temperature under high vacuum condition, making Hydrocarbon molecules break out, and re-order combination, forming diesel oil, lubricating base oil etc. JZC machine is very suitable for the small oil refinery company, also for the small oil company who want to make the oil by self.
Features and Advantages 
I.The vacuum system uses the roots pump as the main pump and the rotary vane vacuum pump as the primary pump. Fast start-up, large
pumping speed, stable performance, and high ultimate vacuum of less than 5Pa.
II.Double horizontal vacuum separators, combined with Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology 
III.Strong ability to remove impurities: ultra-large area cylindrical precision filter element, with high filtration accuracy, easy installation and replacement.
IV.Low-load heating: Adopt advanced internal and external double-tube heat radiation indirect heating technology.
V.Automatic control to realize unattended, safe and stable working. 
VI.Safety interlock protection for oil pump, vacuum pump, heater,keep safely working 
VII.Low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, low operating cost 
VIII.It can be used together with the insulation oil regeneration device, which has the effect of decoloring, deacidification, deoxidation and removing
free carbon and other harmful substances from the oil.

Most 3 obvious advantages of our JZC equipment compared with competitors

1. The warranty period of our equipment is 2 years, and other companies usually only have 1 year.

2.Distillation tank has insulation layer, which has energy-saving effect    3.The cooler is made of stainless steel, which has a longer life. 

JZC machine workflow


This is a simple flow chart of JZC. If you want a more detailed flow chart, please contact Sales Manager AmyQian

  Working Steps Of The Machine( Omitted version  )
There are 5 steps from waste oil to base oil.
1.Use press paper filter device filter impurities in waste oil
2.The waste oil leads to the waste oil mixing tank, heat the waste oil to 60-80 ºC and then mix it with sodium hydroxide. When sodium hydroxide is mixed with waste oil, a chemical reaction will occur, flocculation and precipitation.
3.Use press paper filter device filter waste oil again, the waste oil then flows to the distillation tank.
4. Set the temperature, let the distillation tank heat to the set temperature, and distill out water vapor and oil vapor. The distillation temperature reaches 80-110ºC, and water is distilled.The distillation temperature reaches 120-210ºC, and Gasoline and diesel is distilled. The distillation temperature reaches 220-290ºC, and light base oil is distilled. The distillation temperature reaches 300-350ºC, and heavy base oil (Viscosity≥SN150 ) is distilled.
5. The oil is then condensed through a cooler condenser,condensation from vapor state to liquid state. This step is actually the operation of employees opening different valves and pumps. There is no difficulty in operation. Emphasize that the machine comes with a collection tank that can separate different types of oil.

Oil Parameters After Treatment



Final Product Ratio Percentages Distillation Temperature Vacuum Value
Water 2% 80ºC-110ºC -0.098
Gasoline and diesel  8% 120ºC-210ºC 500Pa
Light base oil  40% 220ºC-290ºC 50-500 Pa
Heavy base oil 45% 300ºC-350ºC 50-500 Pa
Oil Resicudal 5%    
Total 100%    

Detailed Photos






Project Show


Representative of key projects
Panamanian customers personally visited our customer’s factory and obtained oil samples. After returning to Panama, he took the oil sample to the laboratory for testing and placed an order for our JZC equipment. He bought 3 sets JZC in total, and now he has become our agent in South Africa .


Customer Visit Our Company






Company Prrofile :
ZheJiang CHINAMFG ELECTROMECHANICAL CO.LTD.is a professional mechanism manufacturer (oil purifier) from ZheJiang China.The company has a 3000 square meter production workshop with more than 40 staffs and engineers. The company is joint-stock high-tech enterprise, after 10 years of development, company has grown into a comprehensive enterprise, engaging in vacuum oil purifier producing, filter element producing, and Imp&Exp trading. CHINAMFG oil purifier and filter are widely applied in projects of transformer substation, electric department, steel structure, bridge, auto, railway, aviation, chemicals, petroleum etc. The products are exported to more than 30 countries and areas, such as Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on. The product gets the good reputation from the dealer and end user.


Q1. What are the heating methods of the machine?
A: The conventional heating method of JZC is electric heating. If you need to customize the burner heating mode, we can also customize it for you.


Q2. How about the Installation of the machine?
A: About installation, the installation of the machine is modular and sample.If we send engineer , buyer need to be responsible for engineer’s round-trip airfare, visa, accommodation and his salary 100 dollars /day. With the installation instructions,buyer can also install by themselves. Our Engineers can talk with customers in English video to teach how to install and use the machine.Whether engineers are needed or not depends on the customers themselves.

Q3. What is your terms of payment?
A: Generally, we use T/T, 30% in advance, balance pay after the machine finish.

Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, JZC-1 (1 ton/day) need 35 workings days to finish. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q5. Can you customized goods for us?
A: Yes, we can customized according to your flow requirements, the brand requirements of parts used in the machine……..

Q6. If you have any inspection or test for your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we do the inspection and test before finished goods.

Q7. Can we visit your factory?
A: Yes, we warmly welcome your visiting, and can pick up you at airport or train station.






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Certification: ISO9001, CE
Application: Turbine Oil, Lubricant Oil, Engine Oil, Waste Oil
Voltage: 380V
Folw Rate: 1-100 Tons/Day
Color: White, Blue, Gray, Yellow
Warranty: 2 Years


motor base

Can motor bases accommodate motors with varying horsepower ratings?

Motor bases are designed to accommodate motors with varying horsepower ratings. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor bases are versatile mounting platforms that can accommodate a wide range of motors, including those with different horsepower ratings. The horsepower rating of a motor refers to its power output capability and is an important consideration when selecting a motor for a specific application.

Motor bases are typically designed to support a range of motor sizes and power ratings. They are manufactured with load-bearing capacities that can handle motors with varying horsepower requirements. The specific horsepower ratings that a motor base can accommodate will depend on its design, construction, and intended application.

When selecting a motor base, it’s important to consider the horsepower rating of the motor you intend to mount. Ensure that the motor base’s load-bearing capacity is sufficient to support the weight and dynamic forces generated by the motor during operation. Exceeding the load-bearing capacity of the motor base can lead to instability, increased vibrations, and potential safety hazards.

Motor bases are often labeled or specified with their load ratings, which indicate the maximum weight or horsepower they can support. It’s crucial to verify that the motor base’s load rating aligns with or exceeds the horsepower rating of the motor you plan to install.

Additionally, consider other factors such as the specific application requirements, environmental conditions, installation constraints, and any industry or safety standards. These considerations will help ensure that the motor base is suitable for the motor’s horsepower rating and the demands of the application.

It’s worth noting that while motor bases can accommodate motors with varying horsepower ratings, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for proper motor base selection, installation, and usage. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the motor base’s structural integrity, stability, and overall performance.

In summary, motor bases are designed to accommodate motors with varying horsepower ratings. They are manufactured with load-bearing capacities that can support a range of motor sizes and power requirements. When selecting a motor base, verify that its load rating aligns with or exceeds the horsepower rating of the motor being installed. By considering the specific requirements of the motor and the application, you can ensure a well-matched motor base that provides optimal support, stability, and performance.

motor base

How can users troubleshoot common issues related to motor base misalignment?

Troubleshooting common issues related to motor base misalignment can help ensure optimal performance and prevent potential problems. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Visual Inspection: Start by visually inspecting the motor base and its alignment with the driven equipment. Look for any obvious signs of misalignment, such as gaps, uneven contact, or skewed positioning. Pay attention to the alignment of coupling or drive belts, as they can indicate misalignment issues as well.

2. Measurements and Alignment Tools: Use precision measurement tools such as dial indicators, laser alignment devices, or straightedges to assess the alignment of the motor base. These tools can provide accurate measurements and help identify misalignment issues. Measure the alignment at multiple points along the motor base and compare the readings to the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances.

3. Check Mounting Bolts and Fasteners: Loose or improperly tightened mounting bolts and fasteners can contribute to motor base misalignment. Ensure that all bolts and fasteners are securely tightened according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If any bolts are found to be loose, tighten them appropriately. However, be cautious not to overtighten, as it can lead to deformation or misalignment of the motor base.

4. Assess Foundation or Mounting Surface: Examine the foundation or mounting surface on which the motor base is installed. Uneven or unstable surfaces can cause misalignment. Check for any irregularities, such as cracks, gaps, or soft spots, that may affect the alignment of the motor base. If necessary, repair or reinforce the foundation to ensure a stable and level mounting surface.

5. Alignment Adjustment: If misalignment is detected, make the necessary adjustments to bring the motor base into proper alignment. This may involve loosening the mounting bolts, adjusting shims or wedges, and repositioning the motor base. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult alignment experts for specific adjustment procedures based on the type of motor base and alignment method used.

6. Consider Thermal Growth: Account for thermal growth when aligning the motor base. Motors can experience thermal expansion or contraction during operation, which can affect alignment. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for thermal growth allowances and adjust the alignment accordingly.

7. Regular Maintenance: Implement a regular maintenance program that includes periodic inspections and realignment of the motor base. Over time, environmental factors, operational stresses, or equipment vibrations can cause misalignment. Regular maintenance helps identify and address misalignment issues before they escalate and lead to more severe problems.

8. Professional Assistance: If troubleshooting and adjustments do not resolve the misalignment issues, or if the alignment task requires specialized knowledge and equipment, seek assistance from alignment professionals or qualified technicians. They have the expertise and tools to accurately diagnose and correct complex misalignment problems.

It’s important to note that proper alignment of the motor base is essential for the smooth and efficient operation of the entire system. Misalignment can result in increased wear and tear, reduced energy efficiency, excessive vibration, premature component failure, and decreased overall performance. By promptly addressing misalignment issues, users can optimize the performance and lifespan of their motor base and associated equipment.

motor base

How does a motor base contribute to the stability and alignment of electric motors?

A motor base plays a crucial role in contributing to the stability and alignment of electric motors in industrial applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

A motor base, also known as a motor mounting base or motor support base, provides essential support and alignment features that help ensure the stable and properly aligned positioning of electric motors. Here’s how a motor base contributes to stability and alignment:

1. Support and Weight Distribution: A motor base serves as a robust platform to support the weight of the electric motor. It helps distribute the motor’s weight evenly across the base, preventing excessive stress or strain on the motor and its mounting points. By providing adequate support, the motor base helps maintain the motor’s structural integrity and prevents any sagging or tilting that could lead to misalignment.

2. Adjustable Mounting Features: Motor bases often include adjustable features such as slotted holes or bolt patterns that allow for precise alignment of the motor. These adjustment options enable technicians to align the motor with connected equipment, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, or gearboxes. Proper alignment is crucial for efficient power transmission, minimizing wear and tear on the motor and connected components, and reducing the risk of mechanical failures.

3. Rigid Construction: Motor bases are typically constructed from sturdy materials like steel or cast iron, which provide rigidity and stability. The robust construction of the motor base helps absorb and dampen vibrations generated during motor operation, minimizing the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding equipment or structure. This vibration control contributes to the overall stability of the motor and its surrounding components.

4. Alignment Verification: Motor bases often include alignment verification features such as laser alignment systems or dial indicators. These tools assist technicians in precisely aligning the motor with connected equipment. By using these verification methods, technicians can ensure that the alignment is within specified tolerances, further enhancing stability and minimizing the risk of misalignment-related issues.

5. Secure Mounting: Motor bases are designed to securely attach the motor to the base, typically using bolts or fasteners. This secure mounting prevents any movement or shifting of the motor during operation, enhancing stability. It also helps maintain the alignment achieved during the installation process.

By providing support, adjustable alignment features, rigidity, alignment verification, and secure mounting, motor bases contribute significantly to the stability and alignment of electric motors in industrial applications. Proper stability and alignment are essential for optimal motor performance, reduced wear and tear, improved energy efficiency, and prolonged motor lifespan.

When installing a motor base, it’s crucial to follow manufacturer guidelines and ensure proper anchoring to the foundation or supporting structure. This helps maintain the integrity of the motor base and ensures the reliable operation of the motor.

In summary, a motor base is a critical component that contributes to the stability and alignment of electric motors by providing support, alignment adjustability, rigidity, alignment verification, and secure mounting, ultimately enhancing motor performance and reliability.

China Good quality Latest Technology Waste Car Motor Oil Refinery Machine Get Base Oil Distillation   vacuum pump engine	China Good quality Latest Technology Waste Car Motor Oil Refinery Machine Get Base Oil Distillation   vacuum pump engine
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