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China OEM CNC Double Milling Cutting Machine for Mold Base vacuum pump adapter

Product Description


Product Description

Once setting parameter in CNC system, it can be automatic positioning,automatic measurement,six-side processing, which can reduce working intensity, increase productivity and ensure high accuracy for dimension/squareness/parallelism.


Selling Point

1.Finish 4 sides of 1 workpiece as low as 60s

2.Low error rate due to automatic material width calibration

3.Automatic inHangZhou of the workpiece achieves high accuracy

4.User-friendly operation

Automatic Centering

High Precision

Base Data

Main specification      LC-850NC Super(Gear Drive )
Items  Detail
Cutting capacity Control axis number 4
Cutting capacity mm 3mm*2
Cutting width mm 60-850
Worktable Dimensions  mm 550*550
Max loading weight  kg 2000
Spindle Spindle speed(Infinitely variable speeds) rpm 0-750
Spindle power  kw 2*18.5
Spindle taper BT50(7:24)
Cutter diameter  mm 300
XYZ axis X/Y/Z axis motor
power  kw 
X/Y/Z Max feed speed m/min 12/12/12
X/Y/Z Max cutting speed
Accuracy Squareness mm/300mm 0.015
Accuracy for dimension mm/300mm 0.015
Tank capacity Hydraulic oil tank  L 80
Lubrication oil tank  L 2*3L
Power Power  AC380/220V 40KVA
Net weight Net weight kg 12500
Product size Product size mm W3620*L3800*H2600


Main part 
Sort  Name  Quantity  Origin 
Machinery Ball screw
(XYZ axis)
3 ZheJiang HIWIN
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail 3 Quenched hard guide rail
Main Spindle
2 Japanese SEIKO
Flexible stainless steel plate shield of worktable 2 EHONG
Base casting 1 HT300
Automatic lubricating machine 3 Domestic
Oil line  3 Domestic
Aluminium tube
Bearing  / Japan NSK
 Electrical appliances CNC system 1 Japan Mitsubishi
MPG 1 Japan Mitsubishi
Servo motor 4 Japan Mitsubishi
High precision rotary table 1 ZheJiang Bramd
Spindle motor 2 MK
AC contactor  / Schneider
Relay  / Schneider

Detailed Images



Company Profile

        Launch Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd (LC Machine) is a professional modern enterprise, with long-term research & development, manufacturing, sales, after-service. The company gathered engineer team who engaged in CNC machine and mould manufacturing for decades , won trust and support from domestic and oversea clients by good idea, excellent design,reliable quality,full service.
       The company has absorbed the advantages of NC technology from Germany and Japan and gathering the leading technology from domestic and foreign industries. All machines are marked ISO 9001 and CE, exported to 58 countries. Main products: Duplex milling machine, Vertical gantry milling machine, Side milling machine, Powerful gantry grinder, Cutting machine, Chamfering machine etc.
       We are committed to be the No.1 brand in 6 side milling machine and one-stop service supplier in mould processing industry, serving global client , promoting mould processing industry to reach new level.

Workshop Show

Factory Address: No.1 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. North Road, Shutian, Humen Town, HangZhou, City, China
R&D Capacity: Own Brand, ODM, OEM
No. of R&D Staff: 160
No. of Production Lines: Above 10
Annual Output Value: US$15Million 

After-Sale Service

1. Installation services for free.
2. Operation training for free.
3. We will create files for every client, to track product quality and after service.
4. Providing 1 year (12 months) warranty for free except for the wrong operation by the user . The spare part is not on the free warranty list.
5. Providing maintenance and repair service termly.
6. Seller will provide solution way within 72 hrs once receiving A-F service request from the buyer.


Q: Are you a manufacturer or Trading Company?
A: We are a innovative interprise with rich import & export experience and 10 professional production line.Warmly welcome you to visit our factory.

Q: Do you have Agency in my country?
A: With the development of our company, we are expanding export gradually to get a bigger CHINAMFG share of marketing.(The United States/ Korea / India / Southeast Asia etc.). Till now, we have agence in India/Korea/Thailand/ Vietnam, please feel free to contact us to get more detail.

Q: How can I Install the machine, and What should I do if my machine was broken down
A: We provide free installation service to your home. If your machine was broken, please contact us immediately and we will give you solution way within 48 hours.

Q: Can you support OEM Service?
A: Sure, As your requirement, We would like to make the plan and provide the best service for you.

Q: How can I choose the most suitable machines ?
A: Please let us know your specifications,we can choose the best model for you , or you can choose the exact model by yourself. You can also send us the products drawing ,we will choose the most suitable machines for you .
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After-sales Service: Providing Maintenance and Repair Service Termly
Warranty: 24 Months
Type: Duplex Milling Machine
Object: Tool Steel
Structure: Bed type
Milling Cutter Type: Vertical Milling Cutter


motor base

How does the selection of a motor base impact the overall performance of the motor?

The selection of a motor base can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the motor. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Vibration and Noise Reduction: The motor base plays a crucial role in reducing vibration and noise generated by the motor. A properly selected motor base with vibration-dampening properties, isolation features, and noise-reducing designs can effectively minimize vibrations and noise. By reducing these unwanted effects, the motor base helps improve the overall performance of the motor by enhancing equipment reliability, reducing maintenance needs, and creating a quieter working environment.

2. Stability and Alignment: A motor base provides a stable mounting platform that ensures proper alignment of the motor. Proper alignment is essential for optimal motor performance. Misalignment can lead to increased friction, wear and tear, reduced efficiency, and premature failure of motor components. By maintaining stability and alignment, the motor base helps the motor operate smoothly and efficiently, maximizing its performance and lifespan.

3. Structural Integrity: The motor base supports the weight and dynamic forces of the motor. It must be robust and structurally sound to withstand the mechanical stresses imposed during motor operation. A well-selected motor base with adequate load-bearing capacity and structural strength ensures the motor remains securely mounted, preventing excessive vibration, movement, or structural damage. This contributes to the overall performance and reliability of the motor and the connected equipment.

4. Heat Dissipation: Motors generate heat during operation, and efficient heat dissipation is crucial for maintaining optimal motor performance and preventing overheating. The motor base can impact heat dissipation by providing proper airflow and ventilation around the motor. Well-designed motor bases often incorporate features such as cooling fins, ventilation channels, or heat sinks to facilitate heat dissipation. Effective heat dissipation helps prevent motor overheating, improves efficiency, and prolongs the motor’s operational life.

5. Installation Flexibility: The motor base’s design and features can impact the ease and flexibility of motor installation. Features such as adjustable mounting slots, rotatable base plates, or customization options allow for easier installation in various orientations, adaptability to different mounting configurations, and accommodation of specific application requirements. A well-selected motor base that offers installation flexibility simplifies the installation process, saves time, and ensures proper motor positioning, contributing to overall motor performance.

When selecting a motor base, it’s important to consider factors such as motor size, load requirements, environmental conditions, vibration and noise considerations, and any specific installation constraints. Choosing the right motor base that aligns with these factors can optimize motor performance, improve reliability, reduce maintenance needs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

In summary, the selection of a motor base has a direct impact on the overall performance of the motor. A well-chosen motor base reduces vibration and noise, ensures stability and alignment, supports structural integrity, facilitates heat dissipation, and provides installation flexibility. By considering the specific requirements of the motor and the application, the right motor base can enhance motor performance, reliability, and efficiency.

motor base

Can motor bases be used with both AC and DC electric motors?

Yes, motor bases can generally be used with both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) electric motors. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Universal Compatibility: Motor bases are typically designed to accommodate a wide range of motor types and sizes. They are engineered to provide a universal mounting interface that can support various motor configurations, including both AC and DC motors. This allows for flexibility and ease of installation regardless of the motor type.

2. Standardized Mounting Patterns: Motor bases often adhere to standardized mounting patterns, such as those defined by organizations like the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These standards specify the dimensions and hole patterns for motor mounting, ensuring compatibility with different motor types, including AC and DC motors.

3. Adjustability: Many motor bases feature adjustable mounting slots or bolt-hole patterns. This adjustability allows for fine-tuning the motor’s position and alignment during installation, regardless of whether it’s an AC or DC motor. Adjustability is especially important for achieving optimal alignment, which is crucial for motor performance and efficiency.

4. Mechanical Stability and Support: Motor bases provide mechanical stability and support to electric motors, regardless of their power source. They help secure the motor in place and prevent excessive vibration, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. The structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of motor bases are designed to handle the requirements of both AC and DC motors.

5. Application-Specific Considerations: While motor bases can generally be used with both AC and DC motors, it’s important to consider specific application requirements. AC and DC motors may have different operational characteristics, such as starting current, torque characteristics, or speed control methods. These differences may influence the selection of a motor base, particularly if the application demands specialized features or adjustments to accommodate the specific motor type.

When selecting a motor base for use with AC or DC motors, it’s advisable to consult the motor manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. Additionally, consider any application-specific factors that may influence the choice of motor base, such as environmental conditions, load requirements, or vibration considerations.

By ensuring compatibility and proper installation, motor bases can effectively support and enhance the performance of both AC and DC electric motors across a wide range of applications.

motor base

How does a motor base contribute to the stability and alignment of electric motors?

A motor base plays a crucial role in contributing to the stability and alignment of electric motors in industrial applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

A motor base, also known as a motor mounting base or motor support base, provides essential support and alignment features that help ensure the stable and properly aligned positioning of electric motors. Here’s how a motor base contributes to stability and alignment:

1. Support and Weight Distribution: A motor base serves as a robust platform to support the weight of the electric motor. It helps distribute the motor’s weight evenly across the base, preventing excessive stress or strain on the motor and its mounting points. By providing adequate support, the motor base helps maintain the motor’s structural integrity and prevents any sagging or tilting that could lead to misalignment.

2. Adjustable Mounting Features: Motor bases often include adjustable features such as slotted holes or bolt patterns that allow for precise alignment of the motor. These adjustment options enable technicians to align the motor with connected equipment, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, or gearboxes. Proper alignment is crucial for efficient power transmission, minimizing wear and tear on the motor and connected components, and reducing the risk of mechanical failures.

3. Rigid Construction: Motor bases are typically constructed from sturdy materials like steel or cast iron, which provide rigidity and stability. The robust construction of the motor base helps absorb and dampen vibrations generated during motor operation, minimizing the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding equipment or structure. This vibration control contributes to the overall stability of the motor and its surrounding components.

4. Alignment Verification: Motor bases often include alignment verification features such as laser alignment systems or dial indicators. These tools assist technicians in precisely aligning the motor with connected equipment. By using these verification methods, technicians can ensure that the alignment is within specified tolerances, further enhancing stability and minimizing the risk of misalignment-related issues.

5. Secure Mounting: Motor bases are designed to securely attach the motor to the base, typically using bolts or fasteners. This secure mounting prevents any movement or shifting of the motor during operation, enhancing stability. It also helps maintain the alignment achieved during the installation process.

By providing support, adjustable alignment features, rigidity, alignment verification, and secure mounting, motor bases contribute significantly to the stability and alignment of electric motors in industrial applications. Proper stability and alignment are essential for optimal motor performance, reduced wear and tear, improved energy efficiency, and prolonged motor lifespan.

When installing a motor base, it’s crucial to follow manufacturer guidelines and ensure proper anchoring to the foundation or supporting structure. This helps maintain the integrity of the motor base and ensures the reliable operation of the motor.

In summary, a motor base is a critical component that contributes to the stability and alignment of electric motors by providing support, alignment adjustability, rigidity, alignment verification, and secure mounting, ultimately enhancing motor performance and reliability.

China OEM CNC Double Milling Cutting Machine for Mold Base   vacuum pump adapter	China OEM CNC Double Milling Cutting Machine for Mold Base   vacuum pump adapter
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