Small Mi near me ning Borehole Drilling Machine Samp manufacturer ling Core Drilling Rig

Product Description

Small CZPT Borehole Drilling CZPT Sampling Core Drilling Rig
XY Series

I. Specification:
XY Series are spindle mining diamond core drilling and CZPT drilling rigs most perfectly suitable for mining exploration and borehole drilling in geo-construction, geo-technical exploration drilling in projects like civil building, construction of railway, hydropower, highway, bridge and dam etc. Typically, they are mainly used for:

  • Soil sampling with auger drilling.
  • Anchor drilling
  • Micro piling.
  • Geothermal drilling.
  • Core drilling with conventional coring tools.(Mining Purpose)
  • Water well drilling by carbide and rotary drilling.

XY Series – XY-1 CZPT nical Specification:

Model No. XY-1A XY-1B XY-1G
Borehole Dia. 150mm, 75mm
Borehole Depth 30m, 150m
Rotator Clockwise Rotation and Anti-clockwise Rotation Clockwise Rotation and Anti-clockwise Rotation
Spindle CZPT 500mm
Rated Pulling Force 25KN
Drill Pipes Clamping Ball Clamp Holder Hydraulic Clamp Holder
Sliding Base Hydraulic Sliding Base
Winch CZPT ing Force 15KN
Dimensions 2000x990x1300mm
Weight 600kg

XY Series – XY-130/XY-180/XY-200 Technical Specification:

Model No. XY130 XY180 XY200
Drilling Capacity Borehole Depth: 130m Borehole Depth: 180m Borehole Depth: 200m
O.D. of Drill Pipes Borehole Diameters O.D. of Drill Pipes Borehole Diameters O.D. of Drill Pipes Borehole Diameters
42mm 220mm/75mm 42mm 220mm/75mm 42mm 325mm/75mm
60mm 60mm 60mm
Engine Power: 13.2KW Power: 13.2KW Power: 15KW
Rotator 3 CZPT Levels Shifts 6 CZPT Levels Shifts 4 CZPT Levels Shifts
Spindle  Stroke: 450mm Speed: 142/285/570rpm Stroke: 450mm Speed: 130/300/480/730/830/1045rpm Stroke: 450mm Speed: 64/128/287/557rpm
Winch  Max. Pull Force: 1600kg 27m Cables Capacity Max. Pull Force: 2000kg 35m Cables Capacity Max. Pull Force: 2400kg 35m Cables Capacity
Drilling CZPT les 90-75° 90-75° 90-75°
Weight 560kg 600kg 1100kg

XY Series – XY260 Technical Specification:

Model No. XY260
Drilling Capacity O.D. of Drill Pipes Borehole Depth
42mm 320m
50mm 260m
Engine Power: 15-17KW Speed: 2200rpm
Rotator 6 CZPT Levels Shifts
Spindle Stroke Double CZPT ulic Cylinders Stroke 500mm
Winch Max. 22KN CZPT ing Force (3rd layers) 30m Cables Capacity
Drilling CZPT les 0-360°
Weight 700KG

Please inform us with your drilling stratum or formations as per the work or project and the borehole depth / diameters. 
We have different models of drilling rigs in different drilling capacity (drilling hole depth and diameter). Related drilling tools (pipes/SPT/CPT tools) are optional.

II. Photos:

III. Related Drilling Tools: