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Product Description

Insulation CZPT s are commonly used in the fabrication of removable or reusable blankets and CZPT FLEX offers a wide variety of anchors. These anchors are used for attaching insulation to a surface and are featured below. Many of CZPT Insulation CZPT s are offered in CZPT Steel.

Stainless Steel Lacing anchors ( hooks ) are used for thermal insulation products, like expansion joints and removable-reusable thermal insulation blankets.

Product Part Number Diameter Length
GA Inch
Round Lacing Anchor BST-YLA-1225 12 2 1/2
BST-YLA-1425 14 2 1/2
BST-YLA-1245 12 4 1/2
BST-YLA-1445 14 4 1/2