Regid Engraving and Milling Machine Fr manufacturer ame Sunup Zr1311/a 20-Year-Old Manufacturer of CNC Milling Machine Frames price in China

Product Description


The cnc structure frame is the initial mechanical part of the CNC machine tool. It consists of the main part of the machine casting base, the saddle, the working table, the column, the guide rail, the head box and the basic components, which is the machine tool “skeleton”, but does not include the hydraulic transmission parts. , pneumatic components, motors and electrical components, as well as CNC systems and other components. The optical machine manufacturer shall provide the complete machine production enterprise assembly for the machine tool after assembly, inspection and painting according to international and domestic standards.



Model Unit DX540 TQ650 TQ760 TQ870
X/Y/Z Travel mm 500*400*245 600*500*280 600*700*320 700*800*350
Distance from Spindle to Table mm 150-350mm 50-330 250-570 50-400
Length of Router mm 730 740 760 750
Working Table Diameter mm 500*400 mm 600*500 700*600 800*690
Spindle Taper Diameter mm 80 125 125 140
Max. loading weight kg 100 300 400 400
Thread Pitch mm 4 5 5 8
Number of T-slot pcs 4 5 5 5
Three-axis CZPT kw 750 850 850 1
Three-axis CZPT Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Rail mm 30*30*25 30*30*25 30*30*30 30*30*30
Three-axis Ball CZPT mm 32 32 32 32
Machine Dimensions  mm 930*930*1600 2100*2000*2000 2300*1900*2400 2350*1900*2400
Machine CZPT ght T 1.1 2.85 3.2 3.7
Standard Specification
Three-axis CZPT Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Rail PMI or HIWIN C3
Three-axis Ball CZPT PMI or HIWIN H/P
Three-axis CZPT NSK P4
Oil lubrication Pump HERG or CZPT
Optional Specification
Tool Bank OKATA or DESCNC Arm type BT40-24T
Spindle BT40-150/12000RPM  or  150-HSKA63-15000RPM
Foldable Dust Protective Cover  
Y-axis way cover