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Product Description


The most suitable choice  for100-1000mm square workpieces milling.

CNC Duplex Milling CZPT  JJR-1000NCR

Optional spindle driving by Gear type /Belt type

Cutting range:100-1000*290/330mm

Max. Cutting capacity: 2x4mm

Milling accuracy:Squareness tolerance≤0.02mm/300mm,accuracy tolerance range+/-0.01mm,roughness≤1.6um,parallelism≤0.015/300mm²

Machine base with rigid, one piece iron construction

em Unit Model
Control Axis No. 4
Max.Milling Size
mm 1000*1000*290/330
Min.Milling Size
mm 100*100*100
One time Cutting
mm 2*4
Travel  X axis mm 570
 Y axis mm 570
 Z axis mm 1600
 X axis m/min 8
 Y axis m/min 8
 Z axis mm/min 8
Spindle Spindle speed Rpm 0-350
Spindle motor 15/22
Cutter diameter mm 300/350
Servo CZPT  X axis Kw 3
 Y axis Kw 3
Z axis Kw 3
A axis Kw 3
Worktable dimension mm 650*650
Max.Loading weight Kg 2500
 Floor space require (L*W) mm 5.2*4.8
 Machine weight ton 16.5
CNC system    Costomized(Baoyuan ,system CZPT System ,Fanuc system)

1)High-speed 2F/4F milling.
2) Mass production efficiency.
3)One setting, machine fully automatic till the workpiece milling completely.
4)High precision of pieces measurment with cleaned surface. ≤Ra3.2um.
5)Environmental Dry and safty.

Design Concept & Function:
1)Full cover box design, make your workpace clean and safe.
2)The opposite axis X&Y at the same level and same speed, surface A=C B=D, getting the accuracy up.
3)Leading in Japan CZPT or Fanuc system servo motor, don’t worried about the break.
4)Reference tolerance ±0.01/300mm
5)Vertical oil clamping structure, stability milling.

HangZhou GooDa CZPT ry CZPT Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is the first national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of CNC double-sided milling machines. At present, the company has modern manufacturing plants in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis., HangZhou, CZPT gjiang, HangZhou, ZheJiang and Taichung, ZheJiang Province, and offices in South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
The company attaches great importance to talents, has strong strength, has a professional technical research and development team, enterprise management team and sales team, and has obtained more than 30 national technical patents and 5 software copyrights. In 2015, the company successfully passed the IOS9001 quality management system certification, and in 2016, the company passed the CZPT pean CZPT CE compulsory product certification. By 2017, the company has become the world’s number one enterprise in the shipment of CNC precision double-sided milling machines.

At present, the company has three series of machine tool brands, namely Guda, Yagu and CZPT jiarun. There are mainly three mainstream products: CNC precision plane milling machine, CNC precision double-sided milling machine and CNC three-axis linkage chamfering machine. The application range of products includes die steel, aluminum, die processing and other industries involving metal cutting.

Our goal is to provide CZPT ers with excellent products and preferential prices, provide CZPT ers with high-quality choices, and establish CZPT -term and stable cooperative relations with CZPT ers to achieve a win-win situation.

GooDa’s five factories in CZPT

Productivity benefits

GooDa CNC twin head milling machines offer the following benefits:
1.has obtained dozens of patent technology and software copyright, and has successively passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and CE product safety certification of the CZPT pean CZPT TUV certification, national high-tech enterprise evaluation and other honors.
2. After sale service, deliver high reliability with an emphasis on efficient maintenance service all the time. Maintain part-to-part consistency. we will help you at once when there is a problem. Besides, we will check machine regularly.
3. Machines come wired for USA electricity or your local electricity.
4. We supply expert installation and training.
5.Save you time and money and increase your productivity by milling your tools two sides at once.
6. Maximize tool life assuring your production will pay dividends for many years.

Don’t worry and CZPT us, we will all here serve you!