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Product Description

permanent N35 block magnet ndfeb strong square magnet for sale 

1.Product description

  Neodymium (NdFeB) permanent magnet is composed of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals. It has many advantages like high coercive force, high energy, high performance/ cost ratio and can be easily formed into CZPT shapes and widely used in many fields such as aviation, electronics, instruments, meters, DC motors, Liner motors, MRI, medical and health products. It is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet and at the same time the most CZPT ful and CZPT d commercialized permanent magnet today.

Permanent magnet generator, NdFeB magnet is an alloy magnet made from Nd,Fe,B and other metal elements, which has the high remanence, high coercive force, high energy and high performance/cost ratio. The highest magnetic properties is from 33MGOe to 52MGOe,and we are able to control the magnetic properties within the range as you demanded, like SH,UH,EH such high stable properties CZPT produced as per your industrial application.
We focus on Sintered NdFeB magnet and develop it under experienced engineer and passionate & studious sales team.

3.Detailed Images


The role of coating:Because NdFeB magnets are extremely easy to oxidize in the air. So there must be coating protection. There are also increased the beauty of the magnet coating, some magnets are in direct contact with people, so make people feel good, there are a variety of colors and coatings.
For example: gold, silver, black, red, blue, CZPT and so on.
Plating: Nickel, copper, epoxy, Parylene and more.


1. By Sea: As the magnets have strong attraction and we will use the spacer to apart the magnets each other in case people will be hurt when take it out. Then, they will be packed in a white box of pieces each, several boxes to a carton. (Detailed package quantity should be made upon the real products)

2. By Air: If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use Iron sheet to shield.

Shipping: Express (TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc), Air, Ocean.
a: The weight is under 40Kgs, we recommend to send them in shielding boxes to you by Express.
b: The weight is between 40Kgs-100Kgs, it can be sent by Express or Air.
c: The weight is over 100Kgs, we recommend to send them by Ocean.


  • FAQ
  • 1:How CZPT will you give me the reply?

    we will reply you in 48 hours.


    2:How about the quality of the magnets?

    We have the certification of ISO, SGS, ROHS.


    3:How is the price?

    As we believe the quality is the most important, we will provide the high quality magnet with reasonable price.


    4:Could I get samples?

    Yes, we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.


    5:How CZPT will you deliver sample and bulk order?

    If we have materials in CZPT stock, we can send them within 3 days. If we don’t have material in stock, production time for sample is 5-10 days, 15-25 days for bulk order.


    6. How to pay you?

    T/T, CZPT ern CZPT , L/C, ESCROW.


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