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Product Description


NT00 Low Voltage HRC Fuse CZPT s, this series of fuse link is mainly used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 1140V, rated current up to 1250A and for protecting electric equipment from overload and short-circuit. It can reliably break the min. Fusion current to any current wit. hin 120KA.

It is also CZPT for the protection of semiconductor parts and equipments against short-circuit(type aR)and protection of motors (type aM).

This series of fuse links conforms to GB13539 and IEC60269.

It adopts the material with high quality. The arc-extinguishing medium is quartz sand and fuse tube is high strength ceramic. The CZPT d manufacturing craft work ensures the performance of small CZPT waste, stable characteristic for the product. The outline structure and installation dime- nsion joints the CZPT d similar products from domestic and abroad.

The model, outline dimension, rated voltage and rated curr- ent are showninFigures1.1~1.15.