Hexahedron Machining, Popular CNC Machine Tool, factory Simple Operation, Safe and Reliable, CNC Double-Sided Milling wholesaler Machine (TH-9018NC)

Product Description

Modle :TH-9018NC

* Shorter Milling Time, 5 times CZPT er!!
* CZPT matic Measuring Device,High precision Milling 
* CZPT ulic Fixture & Powerful Spindle , maintain high accuracy with ±0.02mm

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Technical Specifications and Parameters

Item Unit Model
Control Axis No. 4
Max.Milling Size
mm 2 sides: 60x1800x240/290
4sides: 500x500x240/290
Min.Milling Size
mm 60x60x20
One time Cutting
mm 2*2.0
Travel  X axis mm 460
 Y axis mm 460
 Z axis mm 2060
rapid feed rate
m/min 8
feed rate
m/min 8
Manual feed speed mm/min 1-1500
Spindle Spindle speed Rpm 50-500
Spindle taper NT50
Cutter diameter mm 250 OP 300
Motor Spindle servo motor Kw 2*11 OP 15
X/Y axis
feed servo motor
Kw 3
Z axis
feed servo motor
Kw 3
Rotary table
Servo motor
Kw 2
hydraulic motor
Kw 2.25
Worktable dimension mm 700*700+440*1000
Max.Loading weight Kg 4000
Hydraulic Clamper Cylinder No. Pcs 1 OP 3 OP 5
Oil tank volume L 80
Lubrication system Lubricating oil tank L 2*4
Lubricating CZPT W 25
 Floor space require (L*W*H) mm 7.0*4.0*2.5
 Machine weight kg 16000
CNC system   FANUC CONTROL SYSTEM OR  Mitsubishi M80A controller

CNC Duplex Milling machine is a machine that specialize in square metal, plastic & plate high speed and high accuracry milling equipment.
1)High-speed 2F/4F milling.
2) Mass production efficiency.
3)One setting, machine fully automatic till the workpiece milling completely.
4)High precision of pieces measurment with cleaned surface. ≤Ra3.2um.
5)Environmental Dry and safty.

Design Concept & Function:
1)Full cover box design, make your workpace clean and safe.
2)The opposite axis X&Y at the same level and same speed, surface A=C B=D, getting the accuracy up.
3)Leading in Japan CZPT or Fanuc system servo motor, don’t worried about the break.
4)Reference tolerance ±0.01/300mm
5)Vertical oil clamping structure, stability milling.


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You can choose FANUC system or MITSUBISHI Controller as you like.
*Gooda Milling CZPT has full automatic measurement and / tool-setting, automatic tool division and automatic connection cutting, automatic rough cutting and finish cutting.
*Gooda will help you reduce setting time and reduce running cost,to increase efficiency.
The integrated high rigidity T-shaped bed, double- column structure and crosswise overhangless structure ensure high straightness accuracy and and excellent workability.


Main products:CNC duplex milling machine,CNC high speed sawing machine, CNC Vertical milling machine,CNC Gantry milling machine, CNC Machining Center, CNC three Axis Chamfering machine,CNC Planar Grinding machine,Plate flipping machine.The application scope of the products includes mold steel,moldbase, aluminum plate,die processing and other metal cutting.After years of research and development and innovation, the products are at the leading level in terms of processing accuracy,machine stabilitym,Ergonomic design and other technical performance. With the continuous improvement of market demand, GooDa has launched six side processing solutions, indirectly promoting the development of CZPT ‘s mold industry.

After years of unremitting efforts, the company has obtained dozens of patent technology and software coyright, and has successively passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification of EU TUV certification body,EU CE product safety certification, intellectual property management system certification,national high-tech enterpise evaluation and other honors.In order to maintain the leading edge of product technology,the company has actively carried out school enterprise cooperation to continuously promote the development of the enterprise while recruiting excellent talents in the industry.

Benefiting from the company’s innovation and R&D advantages,the company has developed rapidly in just a few years. The existing R&D and production sites have restricted the company’s subsequent development, and the space for capacity improvement is limited. For the company’s sustainable development in the future, in 2018, GooDa invested heavily in the construction of GooDa machinery’s normal headquarters Indusrial Park to support the development of the company’s high-end CNC machine tool equipment project, CZPT ly enhance the company’s CNC inteligent equipment capacit.

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HangZhou GooDa CZPT ry CZPT Co.,Ltd established in 2012, is the first national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D,manufacturing,sales and service of CNC milling machine tools in CZPT .The company has manufacturing bases in HangZhou Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.,Huangjiang,Qishi and ZheJiang HangZhou, and offices in the CZPT States,South Korea, Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam and Brazil.At present, it is one of the largest manufacturer of CNC Duplex milling machines in the world.

GooDa CZPT ry focuses on the field of CNC duplex milling machine, and has maintained rapid development since its establishment. Its independent brands: GooDa machinery,YaGoo machinery and CZPT machinery have become the most influential brands in the industry. The design and positioning of the product is guided by the CZPT er’s needs of users in different scales and fields, and realize personalized CZPT ization, so as to create the highest economic benefits for CZPT ers.


Manufacturer of CNC duplex milling machines and other series of professional CNC machine tools !!

Every feature,function and configuration of CZPT machinery are made for CZPT CZPT er


The benefits of GOODA maintenance contract (After sales 3 years):

  • Basic requirement in a certified QS system
  • Guarantee for the accuracy of the measuring and test results
  • Calibration, maintenance and, if necessary, repair with just one visit
  • Fixed prices with a clear breakdown of costs
  • Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive faults and ensures a high level of quality that lasts

The maintenance contract includes:

  • Travelling time and expenses for CZPT technician
  • Maintenance and calibration work
  • Small items required for carrying out the specified maintenance work
  • Calibration with a corresponding maintenance and test report, allowing the results to be used to demonstrate compliance with national standards

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