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Product Description

Description of Ferrite Pot CZPT With Thread Ferrite Holding Pot CZPT :
Ferrite Pot CZPT also called Round Base CZPT , Ferrite Cup CZPT , Ceramic Pot CZPT , Ferrite Pot CZPT , Ferrite CZPT Mount.

Ferrite Cup CZPT Base is made of chrome plated steel cup containing ceramic, ferrite magnet.

For indoors and outdoors applications at temperatures between -10 degrees and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Holding force is concentrated on rim of steel cup and will not hold through a layer of material.

These ceramic magnet mounts are low profile with attachment hole in the center for CZPT ener. Attachment hole in center will accommodate hook, knob, eyebolt, or other CZPT ener. Position or hold inspection equipment, indicator gauges, lights, signs, antennas and more.


Production Time of Ferrite Pot CZPT With Thread Ferrite Holding Pot CZPT :
Samples are CZPT , and lead time is 3-15 days, based on material and dimensions. Free samples are also ok if we have samples of neodymium countersunk pot magnets in CZPT stock. Production time of batch order is 15-30 days except large quantity.

Details About Ferrite Pot CZPT With Thread Ferrite Holding Pot CZPT :

Below are CZPT standard sizes of Ferrite Pot CZPT With Thread Ferrite Holding Pot CZPT , you can shoose the one you prefer. If you have specific requirements about dimensions or pull force, please contact us directly, and CZPT engineers will design it for you:


Part No. D(mm) d(mm) H(mm) Coating
JS-RBMAG-20 30.30 3.18 4.77 Ni
JS-RBMAG-40 35.56 4.75 7.14 Ni
JS-RBMAG-50 51.56 4.75 7.95 Cr
JS-RBMAG-60 60.33 6.86 8.89 Cr
JS-RBMAG-70 66.68 7.11 9.52 Cr
JS-RBMAG-75 73.03 6.86 9.27 Cr
JS-RBMAG-80 81.28 7.11 11.13 Cr
JS-RBMAG-85 96.27 9.65 12.7 Cr
JS-RBMAG-90 124.46 12.7 12.7 Cr

Inspection of
Ferrite Pot CZPT With Thread Ferrite Holding Pot CZPT :

Normally ferrite pot magnets will be sampling inspected when they are finished.
If you have requirements about inspection, like full inspection, we will also do it for you.
Pictures of finished magnets, package, demagnetizing curves, inspection report will be provided when goods are ready.

Package and CZPT Methods:
Standard Export Package, such as shielding carton, wooden case, pallet etc.
Goods will be sent out by Express ( UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT ), By Air, By Sea etc.


Enquiry About Ferrite Pot CZPT Ceramic Round Base CZPT s Ferrite Holding Pot CZPT :
In order to get a suitable quote quickly from us, please provide us:
1. Dimensions of ferrite pot magnet you need, drawing will be perfect.
2. Requirements about pull force or your application.
3. Coating: Nickel, Zinc, Cr, Epoxy, Color etc.
4. Quantity
5. Shipping Method, By Express, By Air or By Sea.
6. Other requirements (Package, Inspection etc)