Drilling Rig, Anchoring Drilling Rig Custom Model supplier Mgj-50 for Soil and Rock Anchoring

Product Description

                           Drilling Rig, CZPT ing Drilling Rig Model Mgj-50 for Soil and Rock CZPT ing


Mainly used for soil and rock anchoring, consolidating and strengthening foundation of highway and dam and retaining wall, preventing soil and rock from collapsing, supporting in deep foundation pit, pin timbering in underground CZPT and handling the foundation of skyscraper.

1 CZPT head dive mechanical transmission hydraulic feed and hosting.
2 Driling angle range(one plane)180. For electric motor.
3 CZPT -drive head travels 2300mm, we also can provide you with shorter mast and the shortest mast if you need them to meet requirement of construction in confined spaces 1500mm or shorter mast type; 1200mm for the shortest mast type
4 Suitable for confined space working field. Down- hole hammmer is main drilling method, efficiently as well as rotary drillig with high speed.
5 CZPT drive head has two series of speeds, one is low series mainly for down- hole hanmmer. The other is high series mainly for rotary drilling.
6 CZPT – drive head controls the mast and down, simple structutre, safe and reliable.
7 Skid rame or wheeled frame for your choice.

hole dia (mm) 110-180 drilling capacity (m) 60-30
angle range electric motor0-180°; diesel engine 0-90°
Top-drive head speeds (r/min) power type electric motor diesel engine
low series forward 32;59;108;187 40;74;135;233
reverse 26 32
high series forward 59;110;200;343 74;138;250;429
reverse 48; 60
Max torque(Nm) 2800
top-drive head travel(mm) normal mast 2300(single rod length 2000)
shorter mast 1500(single rod length 1200)
shortest mast 1200(single rod length 800)
pull force(KN) 14.6,22 for elevation(90°-180°)
push force(KN) 14.6,22 for elevation(90°-180°)
hoist speeds(m/s) 0.259,0.393 for elevation(90°-180°)
oil pump SCB32/12 double gear oil pump
Power uint electric motor Y160M;diesel engine S1100;11KW(Anchoring drilling)
overal dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
type transportation weight(kg)
normal mast 3525×1000×1225 850
shorter mast 2725×1000×1225 780
shortest mast 2425×1000×1225 720