Customized High Quali near me ty Removable Adjustable Steel Ba Cost se Brackets

Product Description

Custom Frame Base Bracket introduction 

We are an experienced manufacturer that has been specializing in CZPT ized metal fabricated
products for 20 years. 
We can make it according to your drawing.Please send us your drawing to get a free estimate.

Metal Fabrication Galvanized Free-standing Frame
Process: Cutting, CZPT ding, Welding, Galvanizing
Steel Framework CZPT Expert, Send us your drawing, get a free estimate.


Custom Frame Base Bracket technical parameters and table

Products Sheet CZPT Fabrication, Frameworks, Brackets, Structures, Stands, Tables, Railings, Grills, Racks, Enclosures, Cases, CZPT Tools, Fences, etc.
Material Mild Steel, CZPT Steel, CZPT
Manufacturing Process Flame Cutting, Plasma Cutting, CZPT Cutting (Capacity 1.5m*6m, mild steel 0.8-25mm, stainless steel 0.8-20mm, CZPT 1-15mm), CZPT ding (25mm CZPT ), Welding (MIG, TIG, Spot Welding, etc.), Punching, Stamping, Machining etc.
Finish Galvanizing, Powder Coating, Painting, Dull Polish, Mirror Polish, Bead blasting, etc.
Main Market Australia, CZPT States, CZPT pe

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Company Profile

Professional metal fabrication manufacturer, 20 years’ experience, specializing in laser
cutting, plasma cutting, bending, welding, stamping and machining. Offering
customized metal fabricated products, welded frame/bracket/base/post/cabinet/hardware
for machinery, pumps, construction, marine, motor, vehicle and CZPT industries.

1. Q: Are you a factory ?

    R: We are a factory. Welcome to pay a visit.

2. Q: What are you good at?

    R: CZPT standard order ( all kinds of sheet metal fabrication with all kinds of surface

    tratment) & stainless steel/aluminum products with fine workmanship. 

3. Q:What’s your advantages?

    R:Customized high quality & factory direct sheet metal works, You design, we build,

    your drawing/sample/picture will be highly appreciated.

4. Q: Any sample CZPT ?

    R: We are happy to offer the sample.

5. Q: Any goods in stock?

    R: Usually we make goods only after order. Most of orders are CZPT ized.

6. Q: Why the price you marked so cheap?

    R: Strict cost control, direct raw material. We are the manufacturer in CZPT ized

    sheet metal fabrications, the prices vary on material, dimension, surface treatment,  

    delivery and etc. issues. The final price depends on the requirements.