Custom Compression Molding DMC/BMC/SMC best /Bakeli sales te Parts

Product Description

SMC BMC DMC Molded Parts Composed by the unsaturated polyester resin, short cutting glass fiber, inorganic fillers and additives under high temperature and pressure,molded in the mold by the press machine. It has good electrical and mechanical properties, good arc resistance and PTI & CTI, excellent fire retardant property with low smoke and toxic-free, low water absorption, can be used in the high humidity area.

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General introduction:
HangZhou CZPT CZPT Plastic Product Co.,Ltd represents high quality and is backed up by CZPT team of quality assurance experts and CZPT ISO 9001 and TATF 16949 certifications. Its plant occupies over 2500 square meters of land. Our strengths are CZPT ability to respond quickly and efficiently to CZPT er needs, excellent quality standards, and top notch follow-up service. Our reputation as a reliable and efficient supplier is based on these facts. Our strong CZPT team supports CZPT ability to provide excellent quality and on-time delivery.
Our sale office is located in HangZhou city downtown, ZHangZhoug Province, CZPT . It is in 2 hours drive distance to both CZPT factory and airport or sea port in ZheJiang or HangZhou. It is also convenient to meet CZPT ers from different countries.
Products and materials:
Our company is engaged in manufacture CZPT and plastic parts. The main products include molded rubber parts, Extrusion silicone tube/strip, silicone sponge tube, Injection plastic parts, Extrusion plastic parts, CZPT sponge parts, PVC dipping, The main rubber raw material is EPDM, CZPT CZPT , SBR, Nitrile, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Viton(FKM), Neoprene, Urethane(PU), CZPT acrylate( ACM), Ethylene Acrylic(AEM), CZPT prene, HNBR, Butyl(IIR), LSR; The main plastic raw material is PP, PA, PE, POM, PC,BMC,DMC,SMC, PVC, PS, PVC, TPE, TPR, TPU.
Profound experience:
Our engineers and QC experts are engaged in rubber plastic industry over 30 years. Our core management team has rich experience and deep understanding of rubber development.
Industry Standard:
Material standard: ASTM D2000, SAE J200.
Tolerance standard: RMA A1,A2,A3, DIN  ISO 3302-1,DIN-7715/BS-3734 ,
PPAP document is CZPT for auto parts.
Production capacity:
Factory is working 24 hours by 3 shifts every day, It takes only 3 minutes to finish one mold of products. (If one mold has 50 cavities, then we can produce 50PCS of products within 3 minutes).
Production machines including 350T vacuum pressing machine, 300T pressing machine, 250T machines and more others.
Quality control and test:
It has more than 10 times of quality check for every order, beginning from raw material check to package check. CZPT y production line has at least two QC staff for random check and regular check.
Test: manufactory testing machine includes rubber tension tester, rubber vulcanization instrument, durometer, calipers, ageing oven for Density test, Elongation at break, Bonding strength, Pulling force test, twisting force test, Rergarding other test like anti-high/low temperature which will be tested by Third Party Testing Center as CZPT er required.
Sale service:
Every salesman should be in service after strictly trained with productions knowledge and CZPT er-service requirements. Be skilled in exporting business procedure and English communication.
Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: we are manufacturer.

Q: How to get the quickest quotation?
A: send e-mail with drawing directly.

Q: How to get quotation without drawing?
A: possible send sample, pictures or detail descriptions of products to us, we will return you drawing for confirm.

Q: I have an idea for a new product, but not sure if it can be manufactured. Can you help?A. Yes! We are always happy to work with potential customers to evaluate the technical feasibility of your idea or design and we can advise on materials, tooling and likely set-up costs. 

Q: My custom products have already been developed on CAD. Can you use the drawings?
A. Yes! DWG, DXF, IGES, Solidworks and Rhino files can all be used to generate quotes, models and mould tools – this can save time and money in producing your parts.

Q: Can I test my idea/product before committing to mould tool manufacture?
A. Yes, we can use CAD drawings to make models for design and functional evaluations.

Q: What type of plastic material is best for my design/product?
A. Materials selection depends on the application of your design and the environment in which it will function. We will be happy to discuss the alternatives and suggest the best material.

Q: How about sample?
A: free sample is CZPT for your quality evaluation, but you should pay the freight. Regarding CZPT ize products, sample and mould order will go first before mass production.