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Product Description

High Quality Vacuum Waste Engine Oil Distillation Equipment

BOD series vacuum distillation machine is special for treating a variety of waste oil, such as engine oil, marine oil, gear oil, mixed and black motor oil, lube oil and so on, to get high quality base oil.

It can not only remove the carbon particles, deep oxides, etc., but also can filter off the harmful matters such as colloid, biHangZhou. After treated by the machinery, the color of the treated oils looks like the new one, the quality indexes are improved also, so as to resume the performance of engine oil, keep the engine being lubricated, guarantee lubricating system of engine to work properly and prolong service life of engine oil.

Black Oil→Vacuum Distillating CZPT →Pure Oil


A.  Pre-treatment System: pre-treat the waste oil, remove particles and water content.
B.  Catalyst system: Catalyst Reactor, blender.
C.  Distilling system: distilling tower, distilling kettle, heater unit, circle pump.
D.  Cooling system: refrigerating machine, water pump, water tank, cooler, Condenser.
E.  Vacuum System:  provide vacuum environment.
F.  Transit oil storage system:  distilling oil storage tank
G.  Controlling system: all kinds of gauge (vacuum gauge, pressure gauge etc.), temperature controlling     system and electrical controlling system.
H.  Exhaust gas processing system
I.  Filtering System:  connect CZPT TYA series or JL Series to remove more impurities from the oil, make the oil clean.


Technical Data

Item Model
BOD-1000 BOD-2000 BOD-3000 BOD-4000 BOD-5000
Capacity Liters / day 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000
Recovery Rate % 75 ~95
Working Pressure MPa ≤0.4
Vacuum Degree MPa -0.06 ~- 0.095
Temperature Range ºC 180 ~460
Working noise dB(A) ≤85
Power supply   380V/ 3 Phase/ 50Hz (or as needed)
Heating CZPT kW 12 18 27 35 45
Heating Way Electricity/ CZPT gas/ gas oil/ Coal
Dimension M 2.5*1*1.6 2.8*1*1.6 3*4*1.6 3.2*1.1*1.6 3.5*1.2*1.1


Advantages of CZPT oil purifier:
A. CZPT quality guarantee
B. Safe, Anti-explosion design
C, CZPT matic, only 1~2 workers presence is enough
D. CZPT al, equips exhaust treatment device
E. CZPT recovery, no waste of energy
If this is not your needing type, follow is CZPT catalogue for you to choose:

We offer oil purifier machines as:
1. Insulating oil purifier/ Transformer oil purifier
1.1. Series ZY: CZPT vacuum Insulation oil purifier
1.2. Series ZY-A: CZPT Vacuum Insulation oil automation purifier
1.3. Series ZY-R: CZPT vacuum Insulation oil regeneration purifier
1.4. Series ZYB: CZPT Multi-Functional oil purifying machine
1.5. Series ZYD: CZPT Double-stage vacuum Transformer oil purifier
1.6. Series ZYD-A: CZPT Double-stage vacuum Transformer oil automation purifier
1.7. Series ZYD-R: CZPT Double-stage vacuum Transformer oil regeneration purifier
1.8. Series ZYD-M: CZPT Mobile Type Transformer Oil CZPT Plant, Oil Recycling
1.9. Series ZYD-E: CZPT Enclosed Type Transformer Oil CZPT Plant, Oil Recycling

2. Turbine oil purifier
2.1. Series TY: CZPT vacuum turbine oil purifier
2.2. Series TY-R: CZPT vacuum turbine oil regeneration purifier
2.3. Series TY-A: CZPT vacuum turbine oil automation purifier

3. Lubricating oil purifier
3.1. Series TYA: CZPT vacuum lubricating oil purifier
3.2. Series TYA-R: CZPT vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier
3.3. Series TYA-A: CZPT vacuum lubrication oil automation purifier
3.4. Series TYA-I Phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier

4. Engine oil purifier
Series LYE: CZPT vacuum engine oil purifier

5. Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier
Series TYB: CZPT diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier

6. Transformer oil regeneration device
Series BZ: CZPT BZ transformer oil regeneration device

7. Oil purifier specially for CZPT ulic oil and Lubricating oil
Series TYA: CZPT oil purifier.

8. PL Plate pressure oil purifier

9. JL Portable oil purifying

10. TYD Water oil separator, oil purifier machine

11. Fully CZPT matic Insulating Oil Dielectric CZPT Tester (BDV Tester)

Pre-sale Service

According to CZPT er’s demands, we recommend the most suitable machine with high cost effective.
Free on-site installation, debugging and technical training (offered by strictly trained technology application engineers)
Offer CZPT service.

After-sale Service

We offer the door-to-door after sales service for installation and debugging.
The warranty period is 24 months from commissioning acceptance date on.
We build instrument service profile for CZPT clients to record the product service and maintenance conditions.

Packing and Delivery

Safe and Timely Transportation
Standard export wooden case with high quality cushioning material ensures that the CZPT ers get the item in good condition.
Carefully check every packing detail before delivery to avoid any troubles during the transportation.
Appointed logistics company CZPT used according to CZPT ers demands.
Do CZPT best to make sure CZPT ers can get the goods in time.


Contact Person : Zion

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