30kVA 50kVA 100kVA 120kVA 200kVA 500kVA Cummin Custom s Motor Generator Silent Open Soundproof Three Phase Denyo Electric Die shop sel Power Generator OEM Price List

Product Description

30kVA 50kVA 100kVA 120kVA 200kVA 500kVA CZPT s motor CZPT CZPT CZPT Soundproof Three Phase Denyo CZPT ctric Diesel CZPT CZPT CZPT Price List

Cummins diesel generator

Engine feature
Brand new CZPT s engine

→Diesel, heavy-duty, four stroke, water cooled and direct injection fuel system
→24V D.C starter and charger alternator   
→Industrial capacity exhaust silencer supplied loose with flexible section
     and mating connections                                                                                                                        
→ Set mounted tropical duty radiator                                                                                             
→Engine driven cooling fan with protection guard       
 →Steel wire braided fuel lines, vent and rain fittings                                                                             
→Set mounted acid battery installed with leads and terminals       

 Alternator feature
Brushless self excited, single bearing, 4 poles            
Class H insulation                                                
IP23 protection standard                                      
Self-exciting and self-regulating                                
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)      

Our Advantages
1. High pressure pipes for diesel input-outlet
2. Stronger heavy duty rubber anti-vibration mountings
3. All base fuel tank Baking paint
4. All canopy powder coating (Powder type – 3 years durable, longer service life and less color fading)
5. Maintenance free battery and high quality battery charger
6. High standard wiring and brands (Chint/Delixi) relays, indicators, fuse breaker, meters etc.
7. Non-return Valve equipped 
8. Turbo charger protection, moving parts protected and other CE standards (depends on required)
9. ONE Hour Testing for all genset (0%-25%-50%-75%-100%-110% loading)
10. Make sure the Fastest Delivery Time
11. Reliable Quality and Aftersale Services as committed
12. Excellent Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection 
(All base frame, fuel tank, canopy, ATS cabinets etc are produced in Hensing factory zone to avoid any  out-off-controlled quality problems.

Control system
manual / auto start and protection module 
Equipped with ComAp AMF20 controller/Smartgen 6110
New integrated controllers in manual and remote start application, featuring full gen-set monitoring and protection. It is equipped with a CZPT ful graphic display, Icons, symbols and bar graphs for intuitive operation together with high functionality set new standards in gen-set control. Special low temperature version is also CZPT , allowing the display to work up to -30°C.
1) Standard accessories
Standard 40 radiator mounted on skid, Common steel frame, circuit breaker, CZPT -return valve,Shock Pad,exhaust silencer, battery and connecting wires, Standard tools kit, operation manual and document.
2) Optional accessories
Engine coolant and oil heater,  cooling for heat exchanger, communication interface, battery charger by main supply, ATS and paralHangZhou system, soundproof canopy  
Warranty policy
Guarantee for one year or 1000 hours whichever reach first from ex-factory date. During the guarantee period, Hensing will provide the free easy-damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by CZPT quality of production or raw material. After expiration, Hensing provides cost spare parts maintenance of gensets